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   Film and Print permits are required for individuals or businesses wishing to conduct commercial film, television, video, photography and all other media use projects taking place on public property, at residential locations, when city services are required or when productions may have an impact on traffic/residents/city services. Permit application (TWO OPTIONS, please read carefully):


    If your production will utilize Miami-Dade County locations and/or services (including police, use County roads, use of or relocating MDTA bus stops, etc.), use the Filmiami.org One-Stop Permit and apply at www.filmiami.org . Miami-Dade County will charge a non-refundable $100.00 permit application fee. This is not a Miami Beach fee.


   If your production will film exclusively within the City of Miami Beach and will not utilize Miami-Dade County services, you may apply for  a permit  registering and applying online using the City of Miami Beach Film and Print Permit Online Application. There is no application fee or permit fee associated with the Miami Beach Film and Print Permit Application. Note, this option cannot be used for emergency permitting on the weekends or after hours.
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